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Your finances 

to your taste.

Don’t lose your head.

Using our intelligent system, we search for the best banking offers according to your field of study and compare them to your current financial products. This way, you are sure to get the most out of your loans and grants, a better credit card and financing at the best rates. In addition, all our services are free and remote.

Why taco ?


No worries. 

With school and friends, time matters. At taco, we adjust our service to your schedule. Yeah, we’re always opened. 

We improve your financial situation. 

Easy as pie, our platform compares your current financial products and seeks to improve them according to your program. 



Our positive impact goes well beyond contributing to students’ financial health. We also offer you a flexible, entirely remote job where your growth is at our heart. 

Let’s create together what really matters.

To us, your financial health is as important as your university life. Caring about both means investing in student associations in order to make events unforgettable, while giving back to students. 

Take the plunge.


Make an appointment. 

Our time slots are very flexible. It’s up to you whether you prefer having it during the day or at night.  


Create your taco. 

With a member of our team, customize your finances to your taste.



Staying zen has never been so easy. Our services are free and do not bind you in any way. 

A fantastic team! I loved their understanding of my current situation! I was afraid of feeling pressured into a service, but he understood my needs and directly offered to target only what interested me. 

The service is very personalized and offers a secure environment! I recommend to everyone. 

I loved the experience! A simple and effective service that removes all stress. We feel their desire to help, which in my case allowed me to quickly trust them. I recommend. 

The financial advisor I spoke with was attentive to the needs I had. He was able to give me good, clear and precise explanations. He was accessible and adapted well to my time schedule ! 

What are you waiting for ?

Frequently asked questions.

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